Sunday, March 30, 2008

Firing him won't make the problems go away!

"'Finally,' Burtchaell notes, 'in 1910 a loyalty oath against Modernism was imposed on all clerics whenever they received holy orders, applied for professional faculties, took papal degrees, began office as religious superiors, or taught in a seminary or pontifically approved faculty.' The real tragedy of such a pogrom is that nothing is really solved--the problems are merely postponed. 'The catastrophe of the Modernist purge was,' according to Burtcheall, 'that the exploration of this whole constellation of associated and perplexing problems was for half a century paralyzed. However irresponsible the discussion had become, one is tempted to think that it might have been dealt with more deftly.'" (Dewey Beegle, Scripture, Tradition and Infallibility, 293-294.)

Enns might be going, Taylor might be gone, but the issues are still there. These guys were trying to work through them. Maybe WTS thinks it can paralyze them, but the issues won't go away. They're bound to be raised again, and likely sooner than later.