Sunday, March 9, 2008

Generational differences

"I believe that divisive inerrancy is being pushed on us by an older generation of evangelicals. Inerrancy is a doctrine whose attractiveness we can perhaps understand in the context of the battles these people once had to fight against modernism, but I feel no need to fight these battles again...I honor their commitment to God's word, but I feel no need to listen when they try to tell me what I must believe and the dire consequences that will follow if I don't." (Stephen T. Davis, The Debate about the Bible. [Westminster Press: Philadelphia, 1977], 135.)

"At the moment I began to doubt that evangelical scholars were really giving me the whole story when it came to the Bible and biblical scholarship. Looking back on those events some years later, I can only say with regret that my early suspicioins have often been confirmed...Only now are we witnessing the emergence of a new generation of evangelical scholars who are willing to admit that the standard critical arguments are often much better than the ill-advised apologetic that evangelicals have aimed at them. If one cares at all about the truth, then this is a welcome development." (Kenton Sparks, God's Word in Human Words. [Grand Rapids: Baker, 2008], 12.)

Inerrancy and the spiritual formation of younger evangelicals, that's what I'm talking about!