Sunday, August 10, 2008

Statement by Vice President for Academic Affairs of WTS

I have been trying to take a break from posting and commenting online but I thought it might be good to note that Carl Trueman has written a statement on letting go of Enns (it can be read here). Carl's piece helps onlookers gain more of a big picture perspective on recent developments at WTS. He mentions that what is happening at WTS is and will be happening across evangelical institutions within the next decade. On this, it would appear he is dead on. For example, with regard to controversies arising from an administrator holding faculty to higher academic standards at Baylor, read here. For how Christian colleges across the United States are wrestling with similar issues as those at WTS with regard to academic freedom and confessionalism, read here. How should a school's understanding of confession on the one hand and academic freedom on the other interplay? How might institutional attempts to implement this interplay show themselves relevant to contemporary cultural and administrative considerations? These are not easy questions to answer. Still, perhaps Carl Trueman's idea of taking a stand could be a little more sensitive to the cultural milieu of the 21st century and not so ready to pattern itself after a bygone milieu, notwithstanding the ecclesial developments (however important) of generations past.