Sunday, April 26, 2009

Online review of Inerrancy and the Spiritual Formation of Younger Evangelicals

I am thankful to James Merrick, who is pursuing a PhD in theology at King's College, University of Aberdeen, for taking the time to review my book on Theology Forum (here and here). James is of the opinion that the book does not treat spiritual formation at all but is more an exercise in philosophy--a philosophical engagement that amounts to an argument against inerrancy. Spiritual formation will mean different things to different people but in the Christian philosophical tradition, philosophy can be carried out in a such a way that it constitutes a spiritual exercise, and the same with its reading. That said, as I've tried to communicate to James in the comments section of his second post, if inerrancy is presented in such a way that it becomes the condition for the possibility for spiritual growth, then if one has to give up inerrancy there will be little to no possibility for spiritual growth. And this has everything to do with the spiritual formation of younger evangelicals in the States, at least as far as I can see.