Saturday, March 7, 2009

The only way the OT could be so cultural is that the devil gave the ANE a head start

"But how are we then to understand the similar claims of divine guidance made by Thutmose III [to King David in 1Chron 28]? It would be most bizarre if an Egyptian who predated David by centuries made an almost identical claim to divine guidance for making temple furnishings for his god and made that claim by coincidence. Or, to put it another way, the true God just happened to do to David what Thutmose claimed his god did for him a few centuries earlier. The parallels we have explored in this book are of this sort. We have concluded that they cannot be explained as cases of biblical dependence on ancient Near Eastern theology. We also conclude that they cannot be explained as coincidences, if only because the accumulation of such coincidences sooner or later strains credibility. Our belief need not be strained, however, because the Bible itself gives us the reason for such parallels...Demonic inspiration of false religion (which produces the sort of parallels we have considered, including the major paradigm in its pagan articulations) is one of the things that the Bible teaches quite clearly in the passages noted." (J. Niehaus, Ancient Near Eastern Themes in Biblical Theology, 179.)

I am sorry to say this but my belief is strained.