Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A word to the wise from Sparks' book

Unfortunately, I haven't time for composing posts, but I have come across a number of excerpts that are relevant to the themes of this blog. So I will periodically post them for those who might be interested. Kent Sparks' book is beginning to make its rounds so I'll start there:

"More specifically, when it comes to biblical exegesis and theology, informed pastors and teachers will wisely avoid numerous errors. They should certainly avoid any rhetoric that hitches the Christian faith to a fundamentalistic notion of biblical inerrancy. It will be enough to teach that God does not err in Scripture and to show, by how we work, live, and do our theology, that we take the Bible seriously as the authroitative Word of God. But to insist on an inerrant Bible in a naive sense, which denies the full humanity of Scripture, will only paint the evangelical church and Christian scholarship into a corner..." K. Sparks, God's Word in Human Words, 362.